Things to Do

Take time to explore, enjoy and learn Dahomey NWR’s forestland, a relic of a habitat type that was once dominant throughout the lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV).

Lots of Activities to Enjoy…

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Wildlife Observation
  • Interpretation
  • Environmental Education

Natural Resources To Explore…

  • Migratory waterfowl.
  • Whitetail Deer.
  • Wild Turkey.
  • Six species of woodpeckers along with Barred owl, Great-horned owl, and Eastern screech owl can be seen in the winter.
  • Neotropical migrants such as Mississippi kite, summer tanager, ruby-throated hummingbird, wood thrush, yellow-billed cuckoo, blue-grey gnatcatcher, great-crested flycatcher, eastern wood-pewee, Acadian flycatcher, hooded warbler, prothonotary warbler, Swainson’s warbler, white-eyed vireo and red-eyed vireo can be found during the summer months.

Rules Help Everyone Have a Safe & Fun Experience…

  • Hunting: The refuge is open for hunting deer, turkey, migratory waterfowl, and small game. A permit is required for these hunts and can be obtained by contacting the district office.
  • Fishing: The refuge is open for fishing. Contact the Complex office for more information.
  • Hiking: Foot traffic is permitted on roads open to vehicular traffic and on walking trails.
  • Fires: Fires are prohibited at all times.
  • Firearms: Firearms may be possessed only when authorized for a particular hunt. All hand guns are specifically prohibited and may not be possessed at any time on the refuge.
  • Camping: Camping is not allowed on any refuge land.
  • Collecting: Disturbing, feeding, or collecting wildlife or plants and searching for or removing any object of antiquity including arrowheads and pottery shards is prohibited.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Federal law prohibits the use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting on national wildlife refuges.


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